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Who We Are

Astage is an exclusive partnership including many of the most successful entrepreneurs in history. In most cases A Stage partners have founded and built unicorn companies mostly in technology, but also in other related industries like media and finance.

Our group came together to create a way to help, mentor, invest, and create the next generation of entrepreneurs, and to allow them to learn from our experiences, our successes, our failures, and our relationships.

We also use A Stage as a system for working together with each other.

Membership and becoming an Astage partner, whether limited or general partner is by invitation only by another partner. If you would like to find out more about our Astage partners and how we might be able to help you or your company get to A stage, or invest in your A Stage round of financing feel free to contact us.

Portfolio Development

A Stage's strategic network of established investors, successful founders, and industry experts drive value to our portfolio companies. We work closely with our founders throughout their growth and provide valuable insights.

  • Technology Development
  • Product-Market Exploration
  • Commercialization
  • Growth
  • Exit Development and Execution

Managing Partners

John Fanning
John Fanning

John W. Fanning, Founding Chairman and CEO of napster, has been a pioneer in Internet Technologies for over 30 years. In addition to his work with napster on the distributed aggregation of content, he has introduced numerous net-related innovations including client-server game play, voice over IP, and auto-upgrading/authentication. Since 1994, he has founded numerous successful internet ventures, including napster, NetGames, NetMovies, and NetCapital. John attended Boston College, and has a background in Finance from his work at Fidelity Investments in Boston, MA.

Arnie Scott
Arnie Scott

Arnie Scott has over 32 years of experience at MFS Investment Management, 18 as a corporate attorney, and 14 as Senior Business Executive. Elected to the MFS Board of Directors and Executive Committee in 1987, Arnie helped manage the firm’s growth from $25 billion AUM and 900 employees to $150 billion AUM and 2900 employees. Arnie also founded and led MFS International, Ltd., the subsidiary which gathered assets outside the United States. Arnie grew assets AUM from 0 to $6 billion.

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